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Ingen Navn Trio - So whats next - Max Kn
Ingen Navn Trio photo 1 by Rocio Laura.j

Ingen Navn Trio

experimental flow music

Ingen Navn Trio

Saxophone - Inga Rothammel

Guitar - Rocco Romano

Drums - Hendrik Eichler

The music of Ingen Navn Trio is characterized by its contrast, blending fragile and dreamy melodies with energetic rhythms and wildly loud noise.

 It falls within the realm of experimental improvised music.

 The trio weaves meditative, deep-sounding and flowing improvisations into

 compositions written by the saxophonist.

 Nature and ambient sounds serve as a source of inspiration and are incorporated

 organically as soundscapes within the improvised compositions.

"The original compositions of Rothammel are energetic and dynamic, bouncing with playful ease through styles, from dreamy and minimalist to free and wild, and back." Emil Roes, Take Note Festival Brebl 2019

Based in Cologne


We are nominated for the Debutalbum of the Year by deutscherjazzpreis with our Album "Elewha"!! Juhuuuuu

Video to our Single "Ormsch"


New Album: "Elewha" (Berthold Records)

Our Debutalbum "Eelewha" is out and we are so proud of it! 

If you want a CD you can write us=)


Ingen Navn Trio is one of the winnerbands bands of this year's jazz competition of the Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken Foundation!!!


EP "Different Worlds"




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